Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Become a Car Parts Dealer

Nowadays, almost every one owns a car and it is common that one may have to replace any car part at some time or the other. New car parts are expensive so people usually buy used car parts to save money. This fact shows that there is a very good scope of growth in starting a car part dealer business. Be it the business of car parts dealer or any other business there are certain things that one must do. We have listed down some points related to the same.

Make a business plan

The first thing that you must do is make a business plan and write down details of all the things that you will need to start the business. The requirements will include finance, service providers, whole sellers, list of products, employees etc. You must make sure that while making the blue print of the business; you do not miss anything and try to be accurate as far as possible.

Obtain a business license

You will require a license before you start the business. To apply for the license you have to go to the county courthouse and present your business plan before the respective authorities. They will ask you certain important questions related to the plan. You need to answer them appropriately to get the license. You will also be required to pay a certain license fee depending on your business.

Make contacts with car parts manufacturers

You have to contact car parts manufacturers and tell them about your business plan. You have to convince them properly so that they can sell their car parts to you. Explain them about your location and how you intend to attract customers etc. you will get information about such manufactures from various sources like internet, car magazines, advertisements etc. After doing this you will get a fair idea regarding how many car parts you will get, based on which you can decide your future course of action.

Acquire other things required for the business

You will require a physical location where you can set your car parts store. You will have to hire employees and train them to deal with customers. You also have to advertise your business so that people come to know about your car parts store and come there to buy the same. Based on your advertisement and the quality of the products/services that you provide, your business will progress.

These are the basic steps that all car parts dealers follow before setting up the business of car parts.


Junior Perrera said...

Aside from the basic tips, starting car parts dealers can also use social media to promote their own services aside from putting up posters and starting word-of-mouth campaigns. The business must be exposed to a wider audience for the people to be aware of the services/products offered.

Junior Perrera

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