Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Become a Car Parts Dealer

Nowadays, almost every one owns a car and it is common that one may have to replace any car part at some time or the other. New car parts are expensive so people usually buy used car parts to save money. This fact shows that there is a very good scope of growth in starting a car part dealer business. Be it the business of car parts dealer or any other business there are certain things that one must do. We have listed down some points related to the same.

Make a business plan

The first thing that you must do is make a business plan and write down details of all the things that you will need to start the business. The requirements will include finance, service providers, whole sellers, list of products, employees etc. You must make sure that while making the blue print of the business; you do not miss anything and try to be accurate as far as possible.

Obtain a business license

You will require a license before you start the business. To apply for the license you have to go to the county courthouse and present your business plan before the respective authorities. They will ask you certain important questions related to the plan. You need to answer them appropriately to get the license. You will also be required to pay a certain license fee depending on your business.

Make contacts with car parts manufacturers

You have to contact car parts manufacturers and tell them about your business plan. You have to convince them properly so that they can sell their car parts to you. Explain them about your location and how you intend to attract customers etc. you will get information about such manufactures from various sources like internet, car magazines, advertisements etc. After doing this you will get a fair idea regarding how many car parts you will get, based on which you can decide your future course of action.

Acquire other things required for the business

You will require a physical location where you can set your car parts store. You will have to hire employees and train them to deal with customers. You also have to advertise your business so that people come to know about your car parts store and come there to buy the same. Based on your advertisement and the quality of the products/services that you provide, your business will progress.

These are the basic steps that all car parts dealers follow before setting up the business of car parts.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tips for Buying Used Car Parts

Buying new auto car parts can be quite expensive so it is a better idea to buy used auto parts. You may think that used auto parts will not give you good service, but it is not the same.
There are various advantages of buying used car parts. They are about 20 to 80% cheaper than new car parts. Used car parts are environmental friendly as manufacturing new car parts consumes lots of resources. It is difficult to get parts of some car brands but it is easy to get used parts of these brands. These used car parts are easily available so that you don’t have to spend time and money in searching for one. You must know some information about the used car parts and follow some basic guidelines while buying the used car parts. We have listed a few of them below.

Warranty of car parts

When you buy a used car part, make sure that the dealer gives you a warranty for the car part. If the dealer says that the car parts are in a good condition, then he must not have any problem in giving you a warranty for the same. Getting a warranty for the parts that you buy will save you from getting defective parts as if they don’t function properly, you can change or repair them.

Make sure the car parts are returnable

It may happen that the car part that you have purchased may not work with your vehicle. So in this case if they come with a returnable policy, you can exchange them with the appropriate car part. Ask your car dealer for this facility when you go to buy the car part.

Buy car parts from a reputed car dealer

There are a number of car parts dealers in the town but, only a few of them may sell genuine parts. So before buying the parts search enough for genuine car parts dealers. You can ask your friends who have had pervious such experiences. You can also ask for the same information from your car dealer from whom you have bought the car. It is better not to buy from online dealers as they may not be reliable. In case if you happen to buy from them, make sure they have a phone number and their office address mentioned, where you can contact them in case you want to return the parts.


Some used car parts may not match with your car body due to difference in paint shade. It will look odd if you fix such a car part, so before you buy them; consult your body shop for a possibility of repainting the car part to match with the car outer body.

It is difficult to maintain a car these days. Used car parts can save a substantial maintenance cost as long as you buy them from a genuine dealer and take some other precautionary measures.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Retro Car Brands in America

Retro cars are the cars from the past that still remain the dream cars for most of the car lovers. Almost all the car lovers across the globe wish to have at least one retro car in their garage. These cars are timeless beauties and it’s a pride to drive in one of these.
Here are some of the Retro car brands in America, the classic features of which will take your breath away.

Classic cars
1935 Duesenberg SJ LA Phaeton

Duesenberg was an automobile company that was located in Indiana. It manufactured cars from 1913 to 1937. Introduced in 1932, SJ LA Phaeton was one of the models made by Duesenberg that could give a speed of 135 miles per hour. The car got its name from the speed that it delivered. It is still the number one car in the list of many car lovers.

1957 Corvette

Corvette was launched in the year 1957. It was known for its unique features like heavy duty, 4 speed manual transmission and optional suspension. Corvette is a sports car brand that has been making cars for six decades now. In each decade its car was known for its unique features that no other car of that time had. Corvette is sold worldwide and is a must-to-own-car for all retro sports car lovers.

Shelby Cobra

Designed and built in 1965, this British sports car was re-modified with a V8 engine. This re-modification was done by the request of Carroll Shelby, the American auto racer. After this modification, this car was used by car racer community in races although it was not made with the same intention.

1968-1969 Dodge Charger

Manufactured by Chrysler, Dodge Charger got its brand name due to its different and exotic design. This car was quite popular during the late 1960s and the early 1970s. This car also made its appearance in the popular television soap in the 80s. Dodge Charger was also popular in most of the playboy magazine owing to its flamboyant style from the 60s to 70s. This car was truly a style icon during those times.

Studebaker Commander

Studebaker Commander was produced by South Bend, which manufactured cars from 1927 to 1964. This car was quite famous owing to its design and resistance irrespective of the off road conditions. Its engine was quite efficient and this car could travel all types of roads.

Among the retro car brands list, these were just few that still find place in the heart of car lovers.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Racing Car Brands in America

Racing cars or sports cars are one of the most luxurious car brands. A racing car is reviewed based on its performance and the luxury that it offers. A sports car/racing car has advanced mechanism that gives it efficient fuel consumption and good control over its break. The following are some of the racing cars in America.

Here are some of the racing car brands in America which are considered to be the best in the world.

Chevrolet corvette

Chevrolet corvette’s latest spots car has two doors and two seats. Even though it has space for just two, it is quite spacious and comfortable. It has Zo6 and zr1 trims that are in fixed roof coupes. It has 6-speed manual transmission with 638/6500hp and 6.3 liter engine and. It can give a range of 288 miles. Chevrolet corvette is considered as one of the best sports car by the consumers.
Porsche 911 Carrera S

Porsche 911 Carrera S is a hot favorite among sports car lovers. It has a 6 speed manual transmission and 3.6 liter h6 engine, the engine packs 345/6500 hp. It has a cruising range of 354.9 miles and runs on 19 inch sports wheels. The bucket seats of the car are comfortable and its height can be altered as per the need.

Ferrari F 430
Ferrari f 430 is a two door luxury sports car. It can get a speed of 193 mph with its power engine of 4.3 liter v8 engine. Ferrari f 430 has a power of 510/8500 and a 6 speed manual transmission. It has 4 wheels; anti lock brakes are also provided as an additional feature. It has comfortable and adjustable seats. It is considered as one of the fastest sports car in the world.
Jaguar XKR Convertible
Jaguar XKR Convertible car brand is powered by 5 liter engine and 6 speed automatic transmissions. It also has a power of 510/6000 hp. It will give you a cursing range of 273.7 miles. It is a two door car with comfortable entry. Furthermore, this car is backed with dual power lumber support.
Mercedes Benz SLK
Mercedes Benz SLK is the first car in the world to use steel panels as convertible roof tops. It has 3 liter v6 engine and a 6 speed manual transmission. This is the first two door luxury sports car that is available in three trims. It comes with a 7 speed automatic transmission. Mercedes Benz SLK is considered as one of the top ten most admired sports car.
Some of the top car brands in the world are still in the process of making sports car that are more fuel efficient and faster than the existing ones.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Car Parts Dealers in America

It is important to check the availability of the car accessories when you are thinking of buying a car of any make and model. The car spare parts are the most important thing one should look for. Even a small part can become a headache for the car owner if it is not available when required. There are innumerable car parts that are necessary for proper functioning of the car. Even if the single small part of the engine is not available, the car may not work properly or not work at all. The car parts dealer information presented in the article will surely help you in finding the car party dealer nearer to your location.

There are variety of car parts and number of local manufacturer brands and global brands dealing in these parts. You should know all the car parts dealers dealing in the local brands and global brands. The car spares can be car specific or more generic. There are specific car parts that fix to the particular cars. There are also some generic car parts that can fit to any car.

There are many car dealers in America that deal in the car spare parts. These spare parts are required in large amount and hence it is much profitable business to make these car parts available at one place to the car owners. These car dealers provide the spare parts for generic use and also for particular cars. These car parts are made available at reasonable rates. Some of the car dealers also provide attractive discounts on the car parts for the people to buy them in wholesale rates.

If you are looking for the car parts dealer to fix your car problem, you are at the right place. Here you will get the information of the different car dealers that deal in the car parts of various brands. You can get the spares of any old or new car at these car dealers. You can look for the car dealer nearer to you with the required car part. You can also order these parts online and make the payments. You can get these car parts in different cities of America according to the specifications of the particular spare part. These parts are categorized according to the states and cities of America.

Car Part Dealers in America

Below are some of the car dealers that deal in the car parts:

  • ABC Auto Parts – 1128, Pinson Valley Parkway, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Adamson Ford Collision Center – 1922, 2nd South Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Alabama Auto Top Specialist – 1201, 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama
  • 2 Guys from Sweden Inc. – 2222, Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, California
  • 70 Street Transmission – 7002, South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California
  • 8th & LA Firestone – 800, South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, California
  • A & A Auto Electric – 2482, Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, California
  • ACP Automotive – 254, Grove St S, Venice, Florida
  • B & W Auto Parts – 430, South Boulevard, Brewton, Alabama

Apart from the listed car dealers, there are many more car dealers dealing in the car spare parts. You can select the one that is nearer to your place and well equipped with the car parts required by you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Best Deal and Discounts on Your New Car from New Car Dealers

The basic homework is very important before approaching any new car dealer for buying a new car. Check out below details to know more about the tips to get best car deals and discounts from the car dealers.

If you are thinking of buying a used or new car from the new car dealers, it is important for you to know the techniques for dealing with the car dealers in best way. The following article provides you with such techniques that can help you to get best deal and greater discounts on new car.

Tips for Getting Best Car Deals:

  • First you should know what price of the car can be affordable to you. If you are planning to take a car loan, you should think on how much amount you can comfortably pay every month for the car loan.
  • Make sure that your credit score is good enough before you go to look for the car. The better the credit score, the better deal you will get on financing. Increasing the credit score will surely increase your chance of getting best car deals.
  • Make the deep study of the car and its features and price you are interested in. Find out what is the dealer invoice price of the car.
  • When evaluating the price for the car that you can afford, consider the budget items like fuel for the car, insurance, maintenance and repairs, etc.
  • Take the vehicle for the test drive. See for the models without accessories that you don’t need. Including the accessories that are not required will unnecessarily increase the overall price of the car.
  • You can get best car deals by directly approaching the sales manager instead of the sales person. Manager is the one who takes a final decision on the prices. Bypassing the salesman and agents will definitely reduce the price of the vehicle to considerable extent.
  • Sit with the manager and show him your printout of the invoice price of the car. Let him know that you are ready to take the car home immediately for invoice minus $500. If the manager agrees, shake hands, else, be prepared for negotiation with $100 increment until you get invoice price.
  • Most of the times, the car dealers make the deal after such negotiation. If not, be prepared for the next dealership. You can repeat the above procedure with the other car dealer.

Great Discounts on New Cars:

Elimination of the unwanted accessories from the car can reduce the overall price of the car to large extent. Good negotiation skills while dealing with the sales manager can get you more discounts on the deal. Do not waste time in negotiating with the agents or sale persons. Manager is the one who has the right to make final decision on the price. Let them know that you are ready to buy the vehicle right now if they offer good discounts on invoice price.

It is important for you to do proper homework before approaching any new car dealer. You can get best car deals and good discounts if you tackle with the dealer in proper way.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Economical Car Brands That Look Expensive

Many people wish to buy a car like the one driven by James Bond 007, full of gadgets with stunning looks. However, it is not possible for everyone to buy such cars, there are many car brands that look far more valuable than they actually are and provide you with good comfort level and many newly introduced gadgets.
You can also feel the admiration of owing a wonderful car. The article discusses some car brands list that have stunning looks, but costs too less as compared to its features.

Economical Car Brands:

Mazda RX-8
This 4 seated car used a rotary engine and fear inducing “suicide” rear doors. Its assembling described as if it was assembled by an alien scientist with unlimited budget. It provided the acceleration of 0-60mph in 7 seconds. This amazing car costs around £3,000 for a 2003 model.

Hyundai Coupe
This 4 seated car had a tank design and has a shopping-sized hatchback boot. The face lifted version of the car looked like a Maserati. This car was available for £2000+. For £8000, the 2.7L V6 version of the more updated car with improved sports performance was available.

Toyota Supra
This car boasted the complete supercar performance and looks. It was available in UK during 1996. Initially, this car was priced around £3500. The later hi-tech models were available around £5000. The sound produced by the twin-turbo 325bhp V6 engine with bystanders created the illusion of a racing car. The car competed with the Porsche and Ferraris in terms of speed as it accelerated to 60mph within 5 seconds.

Porsche Boxster
Porsche Boxster, once regarded as the finest driving car in the world is now available second-hand. It is available in 2.7L or 3.2L version. Both these version drive amazingly. This car is available for around £7000.

Toyota MR-2
If you wish to buy a car that is economically cheap but should have a stylish look, Toyota MR-2 is the best choice for you. It sported the appearance like Porsche Boxster when seen in the rear view mirror. Unlike Boxster, it is cheap to run – 38mpg. It is available for £2000.

Rover 75
Rover 75 priced around £3000 can be easily mistaken as the expensive Jaguar X-type at the first glance. At the thrifty £3000, the car provided the treat of limousine driven experience.
There are many other car brands manufacturing the cars having resemblance with the expensive car brands. You can select the one that suits your budget and your needs.